Dry Fog Canon System

Dry Fog Canon System

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Oasis Dry Fog Cannon System

 Fog Cannon System is available with following standard features:

  • Equipped with nozzles with manual regulation of water-mist according to the requirement as per site airborne dust conditions.
  • The Nozzles are made of Brass and it can be easily removed and cleaned within short time by using simple tools.
  • All the nozzles shall be of same size to generate equal mist particles from each nozzle for uniform spraying.  
  • A High Pressure Booster Pump Set - 3 Phase 50 Cycle shall be integrated with the machine to develop adequate pressure at the nozzles.
  • Different models with suitably rated fan motor shall be integrated with the system to get different ranges of throw, i.e; 15 - 20 mt. with 5 H.P., 25 - 30 mts. with 7.5 H.P. & 35 - 40 mts. with 15 H.P. motor.  
  • It comes with Electrical Cable of 25 mts. long.
  • Arrangement for drainage of water from the entire system by single plug.
  • The system has been designed to work on 4 - 5 Bar internal pressure with safety factor.
  • Double Filtration System to avoid choking of nozzles, (a) Hydro-cyclone Filter followed by Screen / Disc Filter.
  • The noise of the System is within prescribed limit
  • The machine frame and all metal parts including the cone shall be duly Powder Coated.
  • The Fan Hub is made of Brass.
  • The size of water molecule in the mist shall arrest dust particle of maximum size of 40 micron.
  • It shall also have Earth Leakage Protection (30mA)
  • Hooks shall be there for lifting of the unit.

The following additional features may also be added with standard Fog Cannon System, if required:

  • Facility of auto oscillation approx. 0 - 300° with Hand Held Controller / Wireless Remote Control System with a provision to set the degree of rotation as per site requirement.
  • Facility of auto vertical tilting approx. 0 - 45° for spraying at 15 - 20 mts. height.
  • Facility to operate the System by Remote Control / Hand Held Control or Control Panel on machine.
  • Phase Inverter along with Indicator and Phase Change-over with Protector.
  • Pressure Gauge and Flow Meter to measure the pressure developed at nozzle-end and for actual measurement of flow of water per hour, respectively.
  • v  3nos. Tyre Mounted Trolley (not Jockey type) with provision for towing and Stabilization bars for adjusting the height of the Trolley as well as for balancing.
  • Hour Meter for reading actual hours of running.
  • Device for locking of Cone tilting.
  • Circuit Breaker Protection for the Drives of Fan, Oscillation, Tilting and Water Pump.  
  • Dry Run Protector to trip the system in absence of water.